10mm Cooker Cable Exporters

I’m fact, 10mm cooker cable is exported to different countries in person and in absentia. Stove wire is one of the practical devices in the transmission and transfer of electrical power, which is produced and marketed in different thicknesses and sizes. To access the sales representative of this quality product, you can refer to the online sale of this product in reputable sites. Buying and selling all kinds of power cables online in agencies of other countries reduces additional costs and is cost-effective for the customer.

10mm Cooker Cable Exporters

How Cooker Cables Are Produced?

How Cooker Cables Are Produced? The production stages of the stove power cable are:

  • Joinery: This operation is performed by a rod thinner and a fine thinner in two stages. In the first stage, the 8 mm copper wire is converted to 1/38 mm copper wire by the road machine and these wires are converted into suitable wires by the customer’s order as the input of the second stage of joinery by the fine machine.
  • Annealing stage: All the thin wires in the fine machine are collected in a specific place next to the annealing furnace, according to the relevant panel and after reaching the minimum number required for annealing (54 spools), it is ready to be placed in the furnace and annealed.
  • Bunch stage (shining copper filaments): This operation is performed by the puncher machine. The raw materials of this stage are annealed wires on the pulley and if the number of pulleys and their diameter are according to the customer’s order and the relevant standard.
  • Insulation stage (production of cable-wire outsole): At this stage, punched filaments are used as the main raw material and insulating granules are used as the other main material to produce the wire or cable outsole.
  • Coating stage (extruder in Kabul): Line extruders are used for coating operations.
  • Packing stage: This stage of production which is the last stage, the final product is packaged in the size, shape and type requested by the customer. The produced wires and cables can be delivered to the customer in two forms of pulleys and coils.

High Quality 10mm Cooker Cable Sale

High Quality 10mm Cooker Cable Sale Our business complex mainly distributes these products throughout the country. And considering the desirable quality of its products, it has always attracted the positive opinion of major buyers of power cables. 6mm cooker cable commercial production complex delivers these products mainly to consumers. This collection distributes its major products to esteemed consumers in the shortest possible time and at the lowest cost.

Dear customers, by buying bulk power cables, you can make a cost-effective economic transaction. You can get in touch with us through the communication channels available on the site. Contact our consultants to purchase and find out about 10mm cooker cable prices.

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