Flexible Miniature Cable Manufacturers

Flexible miniature cable manufacturers always does its best to produce a high quality product.The specialized sales agent of all types of flexible power cables which offers these cables in a completely specialized way is ready to offer these products to customers in large and small quantities. Flexible power cables, due to the copper shield in the cable structure can reduce the magnetic effects of the current passing through the cable on other cables.

Flexible Miniature Cable Manufacturers

Flexible Miniature Cable vs Flexible Flat Cables

Flexible Miniature Cable vs Flexible Flat Cables Lightweight flexible cable, also known as ordinary flexible cable, is used in dry and humid places in cases where cable flexibility is required. Features of this cable include the following:

  • lightweight flexible cable with copper conductor of annealed copper type and on it is insulated PVC type D, this product is produced in different sizes and the user can fit the desired cable according to the location used.
  • Lightweight flexible cables can be used at temperatures up to 70 degrees, this cable is used for the interface cable of household appliances, audio and video devices and office machines and the interface cable of the home voltage protection device.
  • These cables should not be expected to have high physical and thermal strength. Therefore, its installation and use in outdoor cabling, industrial equipment and heating devices is not allowed.
  • light spray cables are made according to ISIRI (607) -5 and IEC60227-5 standards and have a nominal voltage of 300/500 volts. Also, the insulation on wires and cables is made of PVC type D and this insulation material is thermoplastic polymers. Which is placed on the conductor using the extrusion process and also a PVC coating of the typeST5 is placed on the cable.
  • light cable spreaders are produced in round and flat types. Lightweight round cable spreader in VDE and CENELEC standard has NYLHY and H03VV-F characteristic codes, respectively.

Flexible cables are produced in different types, among which the shielded cable with double and shielded shield is one of the most well-known instrumentation cables.

Manufacturer of High Quality Flexible Miniature Cables

Manufacturer of High Quality Flexible Miniature Cables Miniature cable distributor always does its best to conquer domestic and foreign markets. The bulk sale of spraying wires and cables is done by the technical team of this complex, especially due to the high demand for purchase for use in projects. Dear buyers from all over Iran, for information on the latest price and how to order the purchase of various types of miniature shielded cables at the factory price, please contact our sales department. Miniature cables distributor, this product with different brands can respond to customers ‘requests with pulleys and coils and send customers’ orders all over Iran through freight.

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