Custom Wire Cable Suppliers

custom wire cable is a type of power cable that is not ready in the warehouse of the manufacturing company and its delivery and sale require production on factory lines. Since these cables are produced to the customer’s order and according to his desired features, they can meet the needs of the consumer and this is a unique feature of this type of cables.

Custom Wire Cable Suppliers

Are Custom Wire Cable Used in Electronic Products?

Are Custom Wire Cable Used in Electronic Products? Many best-selling wire and cable samples are always being produced and supplied to meet the needs of the wire and cable market, and their specifications, such as price and capability, can usually be provided to customers in the form of a general list; But there are hundreds of models of power cables that are less in demand than the best-selling models and their use is specific to a particular project. In this case, the desired power cable needs to estimate the price and time for production.

Custom cables have a variety of uses and are used in a variety of industries, including electricity and lighting. All cables including single-phase power cable, three-phase power cable, three-and-a-half cable, control cable, halogen free power cable, shielded cable, antenna cable, CCTV cable, and… can be ordered. In general, custom electronic cables can be ordered with the following structures.

  • PVC insulated power cable: (NYM, NYY, NYRY, NYCY, NYBY, NYCYRY, …)
  • XLPE insulated power cable: (N2XY, NA2XY, NA2XBY, N2XRY, N2XBY, Halogen Free Cables, Halogen-free fireproof cables)
  • Spray cables: (NYMHY, NYSLY, NYSLCY, Heat resistant cables, Uncoated flat wires )
  • Construction wires : ( NYAF, NYA, AVSS, PSA, hard overhead wire)
  • Telecommunication cables and precision instruments : (Overhead telephone cable, Landline cable, Internal cable, pvc RE y_y, pvc RE 2y_2y, range wire y and range wire yv.

The custom wire and cable manufacturing industry has been developed to better transmit data and energy; The seven industries that are commonly supported by custom wire and cable companies are:

  • Industrial controls
  • Medical industry
  • Telecommunication industry
  • military industries
  • Public welfare industries
  • Aviation industry
  • Automotive industry

Custom Wires Premium Quality Manufacturer

Custom Wires Premium Quality Manufacturer

If you need cables in your field of industrial and construction activity, you can provide your custom cable with unique features and very good quality. All products offered by our company are provided by the most reputable custom cable manufacturers.

You can follow the steps of consulting and order registration with complete confidence by completing the consultation and ordering form.

All you have to do is register your contact information in the consultation and ordering form so that our experienced experts, after reviewing your request, can provide you with the necessary advice in the field of area, cost and how to provide it.

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