Direct Burial Cable Price

direct burial cable, which are made and produced in various dimensions and are offered to the market. And they are very useful and important in industries and construction of various buildings and are an important and inseparable part of industries. The production of this cable and copper cable has difficult and important steps. Types of wires and cables in different sizes and brands such as sprayer, ground and air wire, network, telephone, coaxial, armored, low and strong pressure, instrumentation and telecommunications, and according to the order and condition of testing in network cable to provided to customers.

Direct Burial Cable Price

Can Direct Burial Cables Be Used above Ground?

Can Direct Burial Cables Be Used above Ground? The produced wires and cables can be delivered to the customer in two forms of pulleys and coils. Cables also transmit power from one point to multiple points, which is very important And cables are very useful in various industries. Direct earth burial cable; Line extruders are used for coating operations. The main raw materials of this stage are stranded granules, coated granules and talc powder.

The characteristics of the semiconductor cable production process are as follows:

Joinery: This operation is performed by a rod thinner and a fine thinner in two stages. Then the thinned wires are placed in the furnace for the next stage and after being baked in the furnaces with high heat and temperature, they are ready for the next stage.

The next step is the step of checking the produced products that there is no problem in its manufacture and in case of breakdowns and problems, it will not be sent to the next stage of manufacturing. After checking the wires, they are sent to the insulation stage.

At this stage, the wires will be checked again after complete insulation and will be sent for packaging in the next step. The produced product is sent to the relevant unit for packaging and if it is a cable outsole, it is collected on special pulleys to be used in the outsole swing stage.

Direct Burial Cable Shop

Direct Burial Cable Shop Supply and distribution of cable was done from foreign countries and then imported to our country, but today; Our country has become self-sufficient in the production and distribution of self-supporting cables and has been able to mass-produce and export self-supporting cables. It has also been able to create employment and income for many people, which is very important. Today, due to the growing need of people in various industries for this type of wires, has led to the creation of many centers and the task of distributing semiconductor direct burial cable sellers and supply and market this type of cables.

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