Direct Buried Cable Supplier

Direct buried cable supplier in this regard has been able to achieve high profitability by providing quality products. These cables are available in two types of copper and aluminum, these cables are very widespread in the city and industry. In fact, cables have two types of single-phase and three-phase and work in power lines. The price of a high voltage cable of 20 KV is the most important factor in this issue.

Direct Buried Cable Supplier

What Is a Direct Buried Cable Used For?

What Is a Direct Buried Cable Used For? As the name of this network cable indicates, this type of network cable is resistant to the external environment and nature and is not affected by natural factors such as snow, rain, dust, wind, heat and cold.

Outdoor network underground cable is divided into two types of ordinary and special cables for direct burial. Both have characteristics that are resistant to sunlight, humidity and temperature, But it is better not to bury the ordinary external (external) cable unless it is placed in a PVC pipe duct. If you want to bury external cables in the open, it is better to use the direct burial type because it is designed to be resistant to soil, ground insects and rot.

Outdoor cables also need boost protectors because of lightning strikes. These types of cables have LLDPE external protection for outdoor use and many of them use Water-block Tape for more sealing inside the cable to protect against water and moisture. They have two layers of protection to provide waterproof and damage resistance to sunlight. Some outer cables are covered with an extra layer of gel that encloses the wires inside to protect them from further moisture. Direct buried cables producers has achieved a special position by producing quality products.

Direct Buried Cable Exporters

Direct Buried Cable Exporters Direct buried cable exporters always do their best to satisfy foreign customers. This company is one of the best centers of high quality high pressure cable. The unremitting efforts of the officials and the manager of the company have caused this company to make significant progress in this profession and art. Although the company is concerned with making quality products, Our great Iran has geographical borders and wants its products. One of the reasons is that the price of a 20 KW high voltage cable is reasonable. Sale of high voltage cable of 20 KV is suitable.

The company believes that due to the quality level and significant progress of wires and cables in global markets, they can continue the path of development. The company has won the trust of its customers for many years and is increasing its customers day by day through its legal sites and advertisements.

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