Electrical Cable Price List

Electrical cable prices varies depending on the brand and economic fluctuations of the country. Electric wires and cables are among the products. Those are definitely used in 90% of environments and places. Today, they have many capabilities and are considered as everyday and essential tools that are produced by various factories and companies. The sellers of the best quality wires and cables intend to produce their products based on the order and needs of customers.

Electrical Cable Price List

Different Types of Electrical Cables

Different Types of Electrical Cables Types of power cables include:

  • Ground cable: ‌ One type of power cable is ground cable. The ground cable is designed to be suitable for indoor and outdoor use. This cable should not be used in places where the cable is very mobile. It is used for power supply under the ground in water, inside the canal for the distribution network of electrical installations and where there is no possibility of mechanical impact.
  • Telecommunication cables: It is made of several pairs of twisted wires. This interference prevents the noise generated by the magnetic connection. Used to transmit signals in communications.
  • Cable spreaders: It consists of one or more conductors insulated from each other and protected by an insulating cover. This type of cable is used for control and connection in machines, conveyor belts, production lines, machine tool industries, advanced assembly lines, automatic equipment and for medium mechanical stresses provided that they are not in direct contact with heat.
  • Coaxial cables: It has an internal conductor surrounded by an external foil conductor and protected by insulating layers. The two conductors are separated by an insulating dielectric. This type of cable is commonly used in TV cables because it is more stable than a twisted pair cable.
  • Fiber optic cables: Fiber optic cable transmits signals through a string of fiberglass and can carry more information and data due to its greater bandwidth than other types of metal cables. Due to this feature, despite the high price of this cable, it is used instead of copper cables. .

Verified Manufacturer of Electrical Cable

Verified Manufacturer of Electrical Cable Electrical cable sellers has been able to make a good profit by offering quality products and customer service. The reasonable price of the best quality power cords and cables usually varies depending on the method of purchase and the number of products ordered, but in general, large retailers and factories that market and sell these products.

They also try to sell their products through online methods which by choosing this method will help us get rid of extra and exorbitant costs. They also try to sell their products in bulk and generally to countries such as countries. Germany and Europe also export in order to boost sales of their products in foreign countries as well.

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