Flexible Cable Price List

Flexible cable which is produced today by famous companies and brands, usually has many features and also has good materials and quality which is mainly and generally marketed in different sizes and dimensions as well as different models and is available to customers at reasonable prices. The wholesale price of premium quality wire spreaders has actually welcomed the customers, because this product at the same time as high quality has reasonable and cheap prices.

Flexible Cable Price List

How Many Types of Flexible Cables Are There?

How Many Types of Flexible Cables Are There? Flexible cables are produced in round and flat types which we will introduce in the following:

  • Flexible round cable: The round type of this cable, as its name implies has a round cross-section and according to the number of strands and its cross-section, it is used in power transmission and control, as well as in panels in cases where more flexibility is needed. Trend and in a variety of ordinary or light flexible flexible cables and flexible round control cables are categorized.The following are the types of flexible round cables:
  • Round light cable spreaders: Lightweight flexible cable, also known as ordinary flexible cable is used in dry and humid places in cases where cable flexibility is required.
  • Heavy flexible cable: Heavy-duty flexible cable with the characteristic code NYMHY and H05VV-F is used in dry and wet places to power electrical installations when flexibility is required.
  • Wires with conductor: Flexible conductor wire is used in dry areas for indoor wiring and switchboards when cable flexibility is required. The wire with a flexible conductor is annealed copper conductor of copper type and on it is insulated PVC type C. Wires with flexible conductors are made according to ISIRI (607) 06, ISIRI (607) 02 and IEC 60227-3 standards.

Flexible Cables International Market

Flexible Cables International Market Buying flexible cable types is more than ever due to its increased use and price. These cables are used in overhead power grids to prevent accidents and incidents due to bare conductors. Also when the privacy of power lines and other technical and electrical safety points can not be observed, the need for these cables is felt. For example in areas where industries have to cross power lines through narrow, narrow spaces or through rows of trees.

In general, flexible cable 4 core are used to supply and distribute electricity to high-efficiency, low-cost airlines. These cables can be used permanently and temporarily. It does not take much time to install this type of cable and it is easy to do while having high safety. The use of these cables is a suitable solution in places where it is necessary for the environmental texture of the area to have the least change and the least damage to be done.

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