High Quality Red Wire Producers

High quality red wire producers has always been able to achieve good profitability by producing quality products. Wholesale sales of electrical wire is from the list of products sold by this trading company, which has different cross-sections and is produced and supplied with high purity copper conductor in reputable cable companies. Electric wires have two common types of wire and wire spreader, each of which has its own applications and have been able to enjoy a high position in the competitive market.

High Quality Red Wire Producers

What Is the Meaning of Wires Different Colors?

What Is the Meaning of Wires Different Colors? Electrical wires are in different colors, which are:

  • Black power cords: In cable coloring, black power cords are used to transmit power to switches and sockets in all types of circuits. Black wires are also often used for switch bases in circuits and act as a connector that connects the switch to an electrical charge. Assume that all black wires always have electricity.
  • Red power cords: In 220V circuits, red wires are considered secondary wires. Red wires, like black wires, can be used in several types of switch bases. This cable color is also used to connect the smoke sensor to the home electrical system.
  • Blue and yellow power cords: Blue and yellow power cords are the color of cables that carry electricity but are not used in the wiring of ordinary sockets. Blue and yellow wires are used when wires are routed through wires.
  • White and gray power cords: If the wires you see are white or gray, you have found neutral or neutral wires. It is more common to use white for this purpose, but gray wires have the same function. The purpose is to use a neutral or neutral wire to connect to the high voltage conductor.
  • Green power cords: The purpose of using this color scheme is to specify the ground connection cable of an electrical circuit. The green power cords are connected to the ground terminal in the socket box and their drive path is to the high pressure conductor in the power panel.

Manufacturer of All Types of Wires

Manufacturer of All Types of Wires Buying cables in the wire and cable sales center is a very specialized process, in which our sales experts can provide free and practical advice to you dear ones, and you will have a safe and quality purchase with peace of mind. Wire and cable sales center of this trading company with its various brands can respond to customer requests with pulleys and coils, and customer orders can be sent to all of Iran via freight the manufacturer of all types of wires always does its best to conquer the domestic and foreign markets. Wires bulk sale are done through this collection with high quality. Contact our consultants for information on wires price list.

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