Verified White Wire Manufacturer

The manufacturer of white wire has been able to gain a good position in the market by producing quality products. This online store of electrical wire is ready to serve dear customers by offering quality and standard products at reasonable and affordable prices. In our store, white electric wires are sold in person and online. If you are one of those customers that the quality of the product is important to you and you are looking for the best power cord in Iran.

Verified White Wire Manufacturer

Understanding Types of Wire Color’s Meanings

Understanding Types of Wire Color’s Meanings Given the widespread use of wire in the electrical industry, the identification and detection of this equipment is critical. The identification of wires is done in different ways, one of which is the standard color of the wires. There are different standards for identifying electrical wires, depending on the color of their shield. In some standards, not only are the color codes not the same, but they are even opposites. Color codes are commonly used to identify different phases of a power system. With the help of each color, it is possible to identify to which phase each wire is connected.

  • Black wire electrical: It is used to transmit power to switches and sockets and acts as a connection and connects the switch to an electric charge. All black wires always have electricity.
  • White wire electrical: For null, this type of wire is usually used, and of course, it is more common to use white for this purpose.
  • Green/Yellow wire electrical: These wires usually are used for ground connection or protection.
  • Yellow/Blue wire electrical: These types of wires also have electricity and are not used in ordinary socket wires and they are used in power wires that are routed through the wires.
  • Red wire electrical: Like black wires, they are used in several switch bases, and red is usually used to connect the smoke sensor in homes, and we can use two red wires or one red wire with black together.

Buy the Best White Wires

Buy the Best White Wires Due to the extensive use of this product and the regular use of power cables by contractors, there is no need to introduce it. Any major buyer of white electric wire by visiting this sales center can see the sale of our power cable with high quality and cheap and economical price. Contact us for complete information on Tehran cable products and market. Premium Wire Distributor has been able to make a good profit in the market by offering high quality and organic products. Get white wire with the lowest possible cost and excellent quality through this specialized collection. Cheap white wire is widely sold in the market of the country and other countries. This collection also sells various types of power cables in Iran and other countries according to customer’s requests.

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